Why the PR-Journalism Relationship Is a Win-Win

June 17, 2019 by Daphne Algom, Co-Founder

It’s hardly a secret: The relationship between public relations professionals and journalists has always been fraught with tension. Reporters roll their eyes at persistent pitching and often regard PR flacks with a hefty dose of skepticism. PR reps, meanwhile, are ever-vigilant against any whiff of unfair coverage of their clients.

Despite this dynamic, journalism has always depended on PR and vice versa – and that’s especially true in today’s media landscape.

Rapidly evolving business models have coincided with news cycles that are more frenzied than at any time in recent memory, meaning that fewer and fewer journalists are expected to produce more and more content. The Pew Research Center finds that in the U.S. alone, newsroom employment plunged...

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PR Perspective: ICO-Nation…Sorry, No Thanks.

April 23, 2018 by Mike Bargman, Co-Founder & CEO

It started late last year, gradually building up to a conversation I am now having 10 to 15 times a week.

Some crypto startup will approach Headline Media to gauge our interest in doing their PR. Our response is always the same: We appreciate your interest, but we don’t do ICOs.

“What? Wait, we aren’t like the other companies…”

 “Sorry, we aren’t interested, but I can gladly refer---”

“But it’s not an ICO, it’s a private offering for accredited investors outside the Unit-.”

Many competitors and colleagues say we are foolish to miss out on the biggest cash cow to hit the industry since Indiegogo and other crowdsourcing schemes, which for the record, we avoided like the plague.   

Our reasoning wasn’t altruistic.  Beyond the fact that we wanted no part in misinforming unwitting investors, hyping questionable startups damages our reputation with journalists, and ultimately undermines the real achievements of the Israeli innovation...

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