It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint: Winning the Race for Market Leadership

August 12, 2019 by Leora Katz, Vice President

You’ve taken a cutting-edge idea and turned it into an innovative new startup—and now you’re ready to scale up as your company embarks on the next phase of its growth. To reach new heights of success, you’ll need strategies for fundraising, product development, differentiation, and customer acquisition. Each of these is a key ingredient for future growth—but without an effective, long-term strategy for building public awareness of your product or service, none of this will prove sufficient.

Simply put, your company can’t thrive in the competitive marketplace unless you’re reaching target audiences. And for your business to resonate with those audiences, building a compelling, consistent message, with an eye toward the long run, is paramount. 

Here are five principles to guide your company in crafting a narrative that drives results.

Be unified.

A company needs to have a single voice. A coherent,...

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