PR-idise Found – When to Invest in Public Relations

November 13, 2022 by Mike Bargman

Many entrepreneurs have experienced the frustration of watching an early-stage competitor (or even a colleague) score a spot in a “Top 10” list or a feature in a leading tech publication, some even before they have a product or any clients. 

The usual response: “hey…that just ain’t fair!” 

Any entrepreneur who successfully founds a company knows that business, like life, ain’t always fair. But there’s a good reason so many business leaders are peeved to see less-worthy competitors in the media.

Indeed, most tech entrepreneurs intuitively understand the power of a well-executed public relations campaign, even before they’ve mounted one themselves. Done right, PR is a rocket ship that can launch a company to new heights. An aggressive, well-timed PR campaign can help generate funding opportunities, partnerships, higher recruitment, better retention, higher valuation, and ultimately a successful exit.&nb...

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