No News Isn’t Good News: How to Newsjack When Things Are Slow

July 9, 2019 by Aaron Kliner, Vice President

“Nature abhors a vacuum,” Aristotle famously declared, setting out one of the early postulates of physics.

The PR world has a similar postulate: The news cycle abhors a vacuum.

If your company isn’t being inserted into relevant media conversations and building a steady drumbeat of coverage, you can be sure that other companies in your client’s sector will be driving the conversation and earning coveted clips.

But you won’t always have breaking company news to share with the world. Milestones are typically few and far between; that’s what makes them milestones, after all. So how do you stay in the headlines when there aren’t any funding rounds, product launches, major executive hires, or other big developments to announce?

Enter newsjacking. 

Newsjacking offers a way of injecting your company into breaking news coverage, and it’s a tried-and-true tactic for elevating your  public profile even when...

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